November DLT Planning

*each BLT will meet separately with the admin team*


  • Discuss the vision for our district (District Improvement Framework)

  • Unpack the definition of Collaboration and bridge the gap between current collaborative practice and our target for maximizing collaboration based on the definition in the DIF.

  • Create a plan to meet the vision for collaboration as defined in the DIF.

Discussion & Inquiry

  • District Improvement Framework - creating, owning, realizing, and sustaining the vision for our district.

  • Unpacking the definition of Collaboration:  creating daily/weekly dialogue focused on student success and instructional practice through teachers pushing one another to improve their craft.

  • Current analysis of collaboration in each building, successes and areas of potential growth.

  • Identifying evidence of success...how will we know that collaboration is having an impact on growing instructional practices and student achievement?

  • Planning for action and next steps in each building around creating a meaningful and purposeful collaboration time in all buildings based on our definition in the DIF.