July 3, 2020

Based on the Governor's Executive Order 20-52 regarding face masks, we are making a few small adjustments to our Summer Activities Plan.  This plan is consistent with other Harvey County schools including Halstead, Newton, Sedgwick, and Burrton.  It also has been reviewed and approved by the Harvey County Health Department.  

We want to put practices in place that will allow us to have in-person school in August along with extra-curricular activities in the fall and we believe this plan supports those goals.  Below are the plan adjustments beginning Monday, July 6:

Governor’s Executive Order No. 20-52 (Face Masks)

  • We do not believe athletes should wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose when they are actively exercising indoors or outdoors (20-52-3-h).
  • We will require all athletes to wear a mask when they arrive to weights and open gym, as this is a time where congregating is most likely.
  • We will create specific locations for athletes to safely place their masks while they are exercising.
  • We will ensure masks are organized so athletes will know which one is theirs at all times, and there is no risk of picking up someone else’s mask.
  • We will provide masks to athletes who do not have them and encourage athletes to bring a mask from home if possible.
  • We will reduce the number of athletes in the weight room at a time to 18 and maintain 6’ distancing between groups of 3 students.
  • We will require all athletes to put their mask on when they are done with their session, and masks will remain on until the athlete is in a vehicle or away from school facilities.
  • These same expectations will apply for open gym activities with both basketball and volleyball.
  • We will have coaches wear masks when working with athletes.

The primary adjustments we are making are having athletes wear masks when they arrive and when they leave.  We have learned that these are the most common times when kids congregate, and we recognize that virus transmission is most likely when people are in close proximity for an extended period of time.  

We are committed to practices that promote our ability to continue summer activities and increase the likelihood of having activities this fall.  We understand that wearing a mask is problematic for some, but we do believe this practice will help us reach our goals for the fall semester.


Ben Proctor

General Summer Information

May 27, 2020

USD 460 begins our summer strength and conditioning program, along with open gym opportunities, on Monday, June 1.  These activities are for all students entering Grades 7-12.  

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our staff has been very diligent in putting a thorough safety plan in place for our summer activities.  We have done so in conjunction with the Harvey County Health Department, and our plan follows all local and state guidelines.  You can see the specifics of our Summer Activities Plan by clicking here.

To participate on June 1, all parents/guardians must sign the Parent Consent Form.  These forms must be given to our coaches prior to participating in any summer activities.  You will find a copy of the form here, and if you need a hard copy, you can pick one up at the USD 460 central office or Hesston High School anytime on Thursday or Friday, May 28 or 29.

The schedule for the Strength and Conditioning Program is as follows:

Week 1 & 2 - Begins June 1

SessionTimeDays of Week
11-12th Males6:00-6:55 amM-F
9-10th Males7:00-7:55 amM-F
11-12th Females8:00-8:55 amM-F
9-10th Females9:00-9:55 amM-F
7-8th Males10:00-10:45 amM-F
7-8th Females10:45-11:30 amM-F

Weeks 3-9 - Begins June 15

SessionTimeDays of Week
9-12 Males6:15-7:45 amM, T, W**, Th
9-12 Females7:45-9:00 amM, T, W**, Th
7-8 Males & Females9:00-10:00 amM, T, Th

**Special Note for Wednesdays:  High School Sessions will be 6:15-7:15 am for Males and Females.

May 14, 2020

Summer Activities

As we close out this school year, our attention begins to turn to the summer and student activities. Our staff pays close attention to local and state guidelines, specifically health and safety guidelines through the Harvey County Health Department, Governor Kelley's office, and the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA), which is our governing body for school sponsored activities and sports.

These guidelines currently allow students to participate in summer strength and conditioning programs beginning June 1. Our administrative team and coaches are working to plan strength and conditioning sessions that offer the safest environment possible, and the current details of our plan can be found by clicking here.

Coach Tyson Bauerle, our Head Football Coach and our Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, will communicate with students and parents going into grades 7-12 about the summer program, including the schedule and further detail on the safety measures being put into place for the summer sessions.

We recognize that our kids need an opportunity to enjoy the normal activities that come with summer, and strength and conditioning along with various camps, open-gym opportunities, and competitions are part of that experience. According to current county and local guidelines, there are allowances for those activities to resume based on specific dates included in the phase-in plans outlined in the links above.

We also recognize that our students and parents will have concerns and hesitancies related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and although we will create the safest environment possible, we cannot guarantee the safety that one's own home environment provides.

Because we desire to create the best plan possible for summer activities, we would like to hear back from our parents. Linked here is a brief survey and opportunity for you, as a parent of an incoming 7-12th grade student, to share feedback with our administrative team and coaches, based on the details of our Summer Activities Plan. We will continue to develop our plan between now and June 1 and will utilize information from the survey, from other school districts, and from local and state health agencies to establish all necessary safeguards and safety protocols.

We want to stress that our Summer Activities Plan meets all current requirements of the Harvey County Health Department, the Governor's Plan to Re-Open Kansas, and KSHSAA Summer Guidelines. The plan has been submitted to the Harvey County Health Department for review and has been approved based on current local and state guidelines. If dates are changed within the county or statewide phase-in plan, we will adjust our dates accordingly and communicate with you on those changes.

We hope you will take the time to complete the survey and feedback form, and please always feel free to email ben.proctor@usd460.org or call 620-327-4931, should you have questions or concerns about this topic or any other matter related to USD 460.


Ben Proctor, Superintendent