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May 19, 2021

On Monday, May 17, the USD 460 Board of Education (BOE) approved the issuance of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to architectural firms that are able to provide design and engineering services.  This is an initial step in securing an architect to help our school district and community determine our top priorities as we move forward in our facilities improvement planning.  You can access the RFQ document by clicking that link above.

Over the next several months, we will collect qualifications from interested architectural firms and clarify the possible scope of our facilities project.  The BOE will establish an Evaluation Committee, which will narrow the firms it wishes to interview.  These interviews will be conducted in early July with a recommendation on a selected firm to go to the BOE on July 12.  

May 11, 2021

At its regular meeting on May 10, the USD 460 Board of Education (BOE) discussed a process and timeline to select an architect for a facilities project on our campus.  This is an important initial step in formalizing a district facilities project, as the architect will work with our BOE and community to design a project that supports the goals of our school district.  Below you will see the overall timeline, understanding the dates could change slightly.

Architect Selection Process and Timeline

May 10

May 17

May 19

June 4

June 11

June 21

June 24

June 25

July 9

July 12

Board Determines Selection Process

Special Board Meeting to Review RFQ

Board Issues RFQ

Deadline to Submit Questions

District Response to Questions

Deadline for RFQ

Committee Reviews RFQ and Selects Finalists

Notification to Finalists

Committee Interviews Finalists

Board Approves Architect

The timeline shown above represents a thorough screening and selection process, and the BOE is committed to finding the very best firm to work with throughout the planning and design phases.  In addition to determining the best approach to selecting an architect, the BOE also discussed the importance of engaging the community and establishing a Facilities Steering Committee made up of community members, USD 460 staff and students, along with three BOE members.  The Facilities Steering Committee will be established over the next few weeks and initial planning sessions will begin in early summer.

Additionally, the BOE discussed different construction delivery methods and determined it is most appropriate to select an architect first and work with that firm to decide the best approach to construction delivery.  This could include the Construction Management At-Risk structure, which the Board discussed extensively on May 10.  A timeline on that decision and selection process will be determined at future Board of Education meetings.

As the Board moves forward with exploring a facilities project in USD 460, transparency and communication will be key elements to ensuring strong community involvement and partnership all along the way.  We will utilize all of our district communication platforms including our website, social media, and email messenger systems to keep everyone up to date on the latest work.  As we make strides towards specific ideas as to what this project might entail, we will also host community meetings at the appropriate times.  For now, if you have any questions on the current work we are doing, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 620-327-4931 (district office) or ben.proctor@usd460.org.


Ben Proctor, Superintendent

April 29, 2021

Recently, we surveyed our community about school district facilities.  This survey asked questions about possible interest in pursuing a new bond project and the types of projects that might be of interest to our community.  You can see the results of this survey by clicking the link below.

Community Long-Term Facility Survey Results

During the most recent regular meeting on April 26, the USD 460 Board of Education (BOE) reviewed survey data and discussed the work our focus groups conducted in February and March.  The BOE determined that we should explore a possible bond project, and at the May 10 meeting, there will be a discussion about timelines and processes to identify an architectural firm and to consider utilizing a construction management at-risk approach.

Additionally, the BOE will consider the most appropriate and effective way to build a community team that will determine the most critical priorities across the district.  This team will consider how improving our facilities can better serve our students and community.  As decisions are made, our commitment is to communicate with everyone in our community to ensure the highest standard of transparency and collaboration from the very beginning of this process.  We will provide updates through a variety of platforms including our school district website and mobile app, social media, and community meetings.

It is a busy time across the district as we experience all of the fun and exciting end-of-year activities that we missed out on just a year ago.  We thank you for all of the support you have shown our students and staff this school year and look forward to continuing to engage the community as we talk about facilities and other important topics and challenges as they arise.  As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our district office if you have any questions or concerns about this topic or anything we do in Hesston Schools.


Ben Proctor, Superintendent

620-327-4931 (office), ben.proctor@usd460.org

April 12, 2021

The USD 460 Board of Education is actively discussing long-term facilities planning.  There has been initial work to assess current needs in our district, and several building-level focus groups shared thoughts on each school's needs at a community meeting on April 5.  We have also completed evaluations of our district infrastructure including HVAC, roofs, plumbing, electrical, and alarm systems.  You will find important links listed below related to our initial needs assessments, including presentation materials from April 5 and a recording of that presentation. Additional items include 2002 bond payoff information, an overview of our infrastructure needs assessment, and an overview of our annual capital outlay budget,.

The Board of Education has put together a brief community survey to gather feedback on how should we approach facility needs in USD 460, moving forward.  Because the district pays off its 2002 bond project in September 2022, our community could consider a new bond project at this time.  It is important that the community be involved in this conversation.  Please complete the survey linked below by Friday, April 26 at noon, so the Board of Education can review the results at that evening's regular meeting.  Your feedback will help the Board of Education consider the best direction forward related to facility improvements in USD 460.



Should you have any questions or comments about this topic, please reach out to Ben Proctor, superintendent of schools.  You can reach him at 620-327-4931 or email ben.proctor@usd 460.org.

March 17, 2021

Over the past several months, three building-level focus groups have been working to establish needs and priorities at each of our schools.  These groups consist of community members, parents, staff, and students.  We have an additional focus group evaluating our athletic areas across campus. Each of these focus groups completed their initial work, and we are ready to share their findings with the larger community.

On Monday, April 5, we are hosting an informational session to share needs from each focus group's perspective.  We will also look at reports on various aspects of our infrastructure, including needs related to HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, roofs, and drainage.  Our goal is to share our facility and infrastructure needs with the community and determine the best steps forward to address any concerns.  

The meeting on April 5 will be held at 6:00 pm in our high school auditorium.  There will be limited in-person capacity, and we plan to stream this event (we will get those details out very soon).  If you would like to attend this event in-person, please email ben.proctor@usd460.org to reserve a spot.  


Ben Proctor, Superintendent

February 22, 2021

This is a quick update on our Long-Term Facilities Planning process.  We currently have three Focus Groups working to identify needs and priorities in each of our school buildings.  These groups are led by our building principals and include parents, staff, and students.  This work will continue through February and March.  We are also working with third party consultants to evaluate our infrastructure across the district, which includes HVAC, electrical, roofs, plumbing, etc.  Additionally, we are setting dates for a Grounds and Athletic Facility Focus Group, which will initiate meetings as the weather warms up a bit.  

We plan to have these groups complete their initial needs assessments and prioritize identified needs by the end of March.  At that time, our various groups will come together to formally share those priority lists in order to determine how we best move forward as a district to meet our needs in USD 460.  

It is important to keep in mind that the work we are currently doing in this area is to identify how we best meet our District Vision.  As we look at facilities in USD 460, we are viewing everything through the lens of our District Vision and the safety of our people.

If you are interested in engaging in this process, please call our office at 620-327-4931 or email ben.proctor@usd460.org.

Ben Proctor, Superintendent

January 25, 2021

"Long-Term Facilities Planning Organizational Meeting - January 25 - 6:00 PM"

We will host a Long-Term Facilities Planning organizational meeting this evening, January 25 at 6:00 pm.  This meeting will be virtual, and if you are interested in attending, please notify Ben Proctor at ben.proctor@usd460.org.  We will send you a zoom link prior to the meeting.  You can see an overview of the meeting agenda linked here.

Our primary objective for tonight's meeting is to establish a process over the next six weeks to identify needs and priorities in each school building, our grounds and athletic facilities, and infrastructure (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofs, etc).  We will look at how we utilize our annual Capital Outlay budget to address ongoing needs and the payoff status on our current 20 year bond.

Everyone in our school community is invited to attend this organizational meeting, and if you are interested in being a part of a Focus Group for one of the areas listed above (HES, HMS, HHS, Athletics/Grounds, Infrastructure), tonight's meeting will provide some direction as to what those groups will do over the next six weeks.  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions on anything at all.  Our district office number is 620-327-4931.

Ben Proctor, Superintendent

January 18, 2021

"Organizational Meeting - January 25 - 6:00 PM"

We will host our first official Long-Term Facilities Planning meeting on Monday, January 25, 2021.  This meeting will be conducted via zoom and will begin at 6:00 pm.  If you would like to participate in this meeting, we ask you to email ben.proctor@usd460.org or call our district office at 620-327-4931 to let us know of your interest.

This meeting will initiate a conversation about capital improvements in USD 460.  Over the next few months, we will establish building-based teams to conduct an internal needs assessment in order to create priority lists of needs and wants across our campus.  Our building-based teams will consist of USD 460 staff, members of the Hesston community, and students within our school district.  

During our first meeting on January 25, we will begin organizing our building-based teams and ask everyone to consider which building or specific area you might be most interested in.  This includes teams focused on improvements for HES, HMS, HHS, district grounds, and infrastructure.  If you are unable to make the first meeting but would like to be a part of these discussions, please let me know.

Again, if you would like to attend this first zoom meeting on January 25 at 6:00 pm, please email ben.proctor@usd460.org or call our district office at 620-327-4931.  We will get you a link to the meeting.  Thank you and let me know if you have questions or would like more information.


Ben Proctor, Superintendent