Why are all four grades of students in the building for RS if you are trying to reduce the number of students in classrooms?

Our RS groups typically have around 13-14 students and so they are already smaller than normal class sizes. Our students will not be waiting in large groups prior to school starting and will leave RS groups by grade so we are further reducing the number of contacts a student would have around this time.

Why were 7th and 8th grade students moved off-site instead of 5th and 6th or some other combination of grades?

There were three reasons. First, we felt our older students could better handle the significant change that a new school location provides. Second, our support staffs at HMS are divided amongst 5th/6th and 7th/8th. Having that staff work at only one site was important to us. Finally, we combine 5th/6th students and 7th/8th students for encore classes, so we needed to keep those grade levels together to maintain some consistency within those classes.

Will 7th / 8th graders go to Crosswinds on the first day of school?


Why do 7th and 8th grade students only have two encore classes each day?

HMS and HHS share three teachers and we needed to work around the HHS Hybrid Schedule to accommodate them. We also need time to transport students back to HMS at the end of the day. It’s not ideal, but the best way around these issues for us is to have students only go to two of their three encore classes each day.

Why not just have 7th and 8th graders enrolled in two encore classes total?

We are hopeful that we will be able to move our 7th and 8th graders back onsite at some point this year. When we do we will begin our normal schedule, with all students attending three encore classes each day. We wanted to create the possibility of a smoother transition rather than redoing each student’s schedule if and when we move back on site.

What if I want to get a message to my student at Crosswinds?

Please call the Hesston Middle School at our regular number - 327-7111. We will then relay the message to school staff at Crosswinds. We will have a secretary working there for much of the day as well as teachers with whom we can communicate quickly and who can give the message to your child.

Can I drop my student off at Crosswinds to start the school day and/or pick my student up at Crosswinds when school is over?

No. Please do not. We will transport students from HMS to Crosswinds and then take them back at the end of the day. If you plan to pick your student up from school that should occur at HMS.

What if I need to pick up my student directly from Crosswinds in the middle of the day?

Please call our office at HMS, 327-7111 and we will make arrangements for your student to be ready to be picked up.

Will lunch be served at Crosswinds?


How will Mr. Heinrichs and Mrs. Toews split their time between HMS and Crosswinds?

Our goal is to have one of them present at each school site as much as possible. We know there are times when this will not be possible and our teachers will be made aware of when those times are.

What about safety considerations at Crosswinds?

We will speak to our students about evacuation routes and perform fire, tornado, and crisis drills with them at that location just like HMS. Exterior doors will be locked at Crosswinds, just like HMS. Adults will supervise students when they are outside at Crosswinds and we have asked the Hesston Police Department to have an increased presence at Crosswinds when we are there.

Will Crosswinds be cleaned and disinfected each day?


What can I do to help the school?

  • Wait to drop your student off at school until after 7:40 if possible. This will better allow us to socially distance students prior to 7:40 with the fewest number of adult supervisors.

  • Send a lunch with your child when you can. We have increased demands on our cooks this year.

  • Support us in our efforts to have everyone wear masks, socially distance, and keep our hands clean. It’s not what any of us LOVE to do, but we can manage these actions better with really good attitudes.

  • Keep your students home when they are ill. Please do not give them Tylenol to simply reduce fevers so they feel good enough to attend school.