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On Monday, October 3, the Harvey County Health Department will be in district to provide flu vaccines to students and staff members.  If you wish to have your child (or yourself) vaccinated, please print and complete the form available below, and submit it to your child's school office by September 29.  The Health Department will file a medical insurance claim when appropriate information is provided.  If you choose to pay at the time of vaccination, the cost is $41.  NOTE:  The flu-mist is NOT available this year.  Please contact the school nurse, Tammi Krehbiel, at (620) 327-7102 or vial email to tammi.krehbiel@usd460.org, if you have any questions.

Flu Vaccination Registration & Information


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From the Superintendent's Desk...

September 14, 2016

There is a lot of power in asking "why"?

Over the past couple of days, I had the opportunity to attend the first annual Kansas Can Symposium in Manhattan, KS.  This conference was kicked off with a powerful presentation from our State Commissioner of Education, Dr. Randy Watson.  I have had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Watson many times over the past year or so, and although he has a consistent message, there is always something new to take away.  In addition to Dr. Watson, the symposium hosted many "breakout sessions" that focused on the state's five outcomes related to our new vision.  These outcomes include:  kindergarten readiness, post-secondary success, graduation, individual plans of study, and social and emotional growth.

As I have reflected on what I learned during this two-day session, the question of always analyzing why we do what we do keeps coming to mind.  

Over the past several years, our district has worked to analyze our purpose and to commit to becoming more purposeful in everything we do.  With this intention in mind, we have developed a guide to ensure we continue to move in that more purposeful direction.  We call it our District Improvement Framework and it is currently in the developmental stages.  The value of the framework is that it allows us to communicate why our schools exist, what our core values are, how we measure success, and the actions it will take to ultimately achieve our defined outcomes.  The beauty of this framework is that it all lies on one page of paper.  It is intended to be simple yet powerful, and ultimately a way for us to stay focused no matter who our leaders are.

There is much work still to do as we move towards the development of a more purposeful school community.  We believe this commitment is going to ultimately lead us to provide the very best opportunities for our kids to be everything they are capable of becoming.  This mission takes time, but more importantly, it takes a commitment from everyone invested in the success of our kids.  Over the next month, our administrative team will be doing some "final" analysis of our framework and in October our Board of Education will be discussing our district's core values.

We invite our community to share thoughts on the direction our schools are going.  We are currently developing several surveys that will allow feedback on not only our framework and purpose, but also our day-to-day work with our kids.  In addition, we will be resuming our Parent Advisory Team meetings in October with an emphasis on those topics that are most important to our families.  We hope you take advantage of these opportunities to share ideas on how we can best meet the needs of our students.

As always, please give me a call or shoot me an email anytime if you have any thoughts or questions on this topic or anything else we do as a school district.  Our office number is 620-327-4931 or my email address is ben.proctor@usd460.org.


Ben Proctor


Please open the documents below for the district's annual, spring immunization notice and updated checklists of immunizations (English and Spanish) that are required for students in each grade level in Kansas schools.  If you have any questions about immunizations, please contact Tammi Krehbiel, school nurse, at 620-327-7102, ext. 4003; or email tammi.krehbiel@usd460.org.

2016-17 Spring Immunization Notice
2016-17 Immunization Checklists: English & Spanish
KDHE Notice regarding 2016-17 Immunization Requirements