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From the superintendent's desk...

September 4, 2017

"KESA and USD 460"

School districts around the state of Kansas are learning all about a new acronym, KESA, which stands for Kansas Education Systems Accreditation.  This is the new model in which school districts around the state will be accredited, and that process begins this year.  In the past, our accreditation was tied mostly to standardized test scores and school districts were judged primarily on student results in math and reading.  This new model is intended to ensure school districts have a plan to help all students become successful high school graduates.  The definition of success includes academic preparation, cognitive preparation, technical skill development, employability skill development, and civic engagement.

USD 460 is well-prepared and excited for this new accreditation model.  We believe our Good to Great Framework, which communicates our shared purpose, beliefs and practices, indicators of success, and our outcomes, is a plan for continuous improvement that addresses all aspects of the Kansans Can Vision.  Although the development of our framework began about three years ago, we are now in a position where our district is seeing real progress in so many key areas.  This document now serves as a vision for our district with a role for every member of our school community.

One of the key components of the accreditation model is the practice of setting goals, monitoring these goals, and making adjustments when goals are not being achieved at the level we intend.  In our district, we refer to this idea as being a highly reliable organization.  That means that we do what we say we are going to do and we view this as part of our practice of alignment.  As we set goals around our indicators of success, whether they be academic, leadership and post-secondary, or community engagement, we want to ensure that ultimately we are seeking to develop students who are ready for life after high school.

An exciting new measure the state of Kansas has developed over the past few months is a post-secondary measure through data provided by the National Clearinghouse.  Research shows that by the year 2020, 70-75% of jobs in our country will need some type of post-secondary degree or industry recognized certification.  In connecting how schools can better prepare for our changing world, we are now being measured on how many of our graduates go on and pursue a degree or certification after high school.  This includes not only the enrollment of our students in a post-secondary institution, but also their retention after their first full year of graduation.  

You can find the USD 460-Hesston post secondary report by clicking here.  In this report, you will find our graduation rate, success rate, effective rate, and predicted effective rate.  The definitions for each measure are as follows:

Graduation Rate: The 4-year adjusted cohort graduation rate is the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the number of students who entered high school as 9th graders four years earlier (adjusting for transfers in and out).

Success Rate:A student must meet one of the four following outcomes within two years of High School graduation.

  1. Student earned an industry recognized certification while in high school 
  2. Student earned a postsecondary certification
  3. Student earned a postsecondary degree
  4. Student enrolled in postsecondary in both the first and second year following high school graduation

Effective Rate: The calculated Graduation Rate multiplied by the calculated Success Rate.

As our district goes through the KESA process and continues to pursue the vision we are developing, this post-secondary measure will continue to be an important gage of how we are doing as an entire school district.  The data is not perfect as there are institutions that are not included in the numbers, but that is why our focus is going to be on names not numbers.  We want to know what our students go on and do after graduation and in order to do that, we must take our emphasis of relationships to a new level.  Much more on that to come in future updates.

As always, please holler anytime if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns about the information contained in this update or anythings else we do as a school district.  Our office number is 620-327-4931, my email address is and our address is 150 N Ridge Road, located on the south end of the football stadium.


Ben Proctor


USD 460 is committed to a model of continuous improvement and growth.  This is best illustrated by our District Improvement Framework which is a one page visual that includes the following components:

- Student Success Outcomes
- Shared Purpose
- Indicators of Success
- Building, School, and District Practices
- District Pillars

This improvement framework is still in draft form.  Our staff continues to develop our vision and work is currently ongoing with the Board of Education and other stakeholder groups in our community including our Parent Advisory Team which is open to any parent/guardian of a k-12 student in USD 460.

Ultimately, we want to further develop our focus on giving every single child every opportunity to become the very best of which he or she is capable.  To make that more than just words on a page is our challenge, and we have many of the foundational elements in place to ensure we are progressing towards success in each of our classrooms, across our buildings, and throughout our entire district.

We are still about six months away from taking our draft form of this District Improvement Framework to making it a formal vision for our district.  So, there is an opportunity for feedback and analysis of our goals and plan.  As is always the case, please contact me anytime should you have any questions or thoughts about this topic or anything we do as a school district in Hesston.


Ben Proctor