NO SCHOOL on February 12 and 15.  Feb. 12 is a School Improvement Day; Feb. 15 is a Parent-Teacher Conference Day.

           Hesston USD 460 Board of Education  

Also known as the USD 460 Board of Education, these dedicated women and men voluntarily give of their time and energy for the enormous job of governing our school district.  It would not be possible to have the high quality of schools that we do without the support, guidance, and leadership of these board of education members.  Please take time to thank them for their service!  They are:
Front Row:  Brenda Nebel, Susan Rostetter, Susan Lamb
Back Row:  Layne Frick, Mike Weber, Zach Weaver, Delvin Wohlgemuth


January 19, 2016

Dear Hesston Families,

Hesston Schools are committed to continuous improvement, and we have adopted the motto moving from good to great. An important part of this process includes being purposeful in the way we connect with those who are most invested in the success of our children, which are the families we serve.  The purpose of this letter is to notify you of a special opportunity to get involved in your child’s school district. 

On Thursday, February 18 from 6:30-7:30 pm in the Hesston High School commons, we will be hosting an organizational meeting for a new Parent Advisory Team we wish to establish in USD 460.  The invitation to attend is open to any parent/guardian of a student in grades K-12 in Hesston Schools.  As we continue to explore and pursue ways to best connect with all of our stakeholders, this is a first step in establishing a new and more purposeful relationship with our parents and guardians.

During this initial organizational meeting, we will explain the purpose of the Parent Advisory Team and how it will contribute to the goals we have within our District Improvement Framework.  In addition, we will spend time collaborating in large and small groups on how we can develop this new Team in a way that maximizes the success of every student in USD460.  As an intended outcome of this meeting, our goal is to have next steps clearly defined in how the Parent Advisory Team will operate throughout the remainder of this spring semester and then as we move into the 2016-17 school year.

I encourage you to consider attending this initial Parent Advisory Team meeting.  We know that everyone’s schedule is extremely busy, and February 18 may not work for everyone.  If you cannot make the meeting,but have interest in being a part of this opportunity in the future,please let me know.  If you do plan to attend the meeting, I would ask that you call or email our Central Office at 620-327-4931 or email by Friday, February 12, so we can plan for the number of attendees.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime should you have any questions about this opportunity or anything we do as a school district.  Thank you for entrusting the education and care of your child to our incredible USD 460 staff.


Ben Proctor
Superintendent of Schools