Schools are closed for the summer. Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is August 3, 11:00 AM-7:00 PM


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From the Superintendent's Desk...

July 5, 2017

It has been a busy summer around campus!

The Hesston Recreation Project is in full swing, and there is noticeable change along Ridge Road and along Randall Street.  The new ball fields are beginning to take shape, and the swimming pool has been excavated.  We are now seeing foundation work for our new structures including restroom and concession facilities, dugouts for the ball fields, and the new bath house at the aquatic center.  Progress is right on track as much of the project work will be completed this fall with the fields ready for play in the spring of 2018.  The aquatic center is on schedule to open for the summer of 2018.

There are also a number of other changes happening around campus with the normal summer maintenance, cleaning, and painting.  We have also recently replaced our boilers at the elementary school, remodeled a portion of our multi-purpose room at the middle school to create on-campus storage, and upgraded our entryway to the middle school.  We are currently planning our capital projects for the new fiscal year, and those priorities will be finalized in August.

In addition to the many facility upgrades happening this summer, we are also busy planning for the new school year.  There is still some level of uncertainty with our budget for 2017-18.  Although a new school finance formula was developed during the 2017 legislative session, this law is pending review by the Kansas Supreme Court.  This hearing will occur on July 18 and we should have some direction from the Court sometime after that date.  Until that time, we are unable to conduct our budget preparations as we normally would in early July.  Despite the uncertainty related to our budgeting timeline, school districts around the state are confident that we will see some increases in our base state aid per pupil as we transition to back to a formula that calculates state aid based on enrollment.

We continue to develop our District Improvement Framework and there has been a great deal of work with our teachers this summer on curriculum and instruction.  Our Building Leadership Teams have all spent time discussing specific improvements we are seeking in each school.  As is always the case, our new staff will be receiving cooperative learning and Responsibility Centered Discipline training this summer.

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer months, and we are looking forward to our preparations for the new school year.  As is always the case, please holler anytime if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns.  Our office number is 620-327-4931 and my email address is  You can also stop by and visit as we are located at 150 N Ridge Rd just on the south end of the football stadium.


Ben Proctor


USD 460 is committed to a model of continuous improvement and growth.  This is best illustrated by our District Improvement Framework which is a one page visual that includes the following components:

- Student Success Outcomes
- Shared Purpose
- Indicators of Success
- Building, School, and District Practices
- District Pillars

This improvement framework is still in draft form.  Our staff continues to develop our vision and work is currently ongoing with the Board of Education and other stakeholder groups in our community including our Parent Advisory Team which is open to any parent/guardian of a k-12 student in USD 460.

Ultimately, we want to further develop our focus on giving every single child every opportunity to become the very best of which he or she is capable.  To make that more than just words on a page is our challenge, and we have many of the foundational elements in place to ensure we are progressing towards success in each of our classrooms, across our buildings, and throughout our entire district.

We are still about six months away from taking our draft form of this District Improvement Framework to making it a formal vision for our district.  So, there is an opportunity for feedback and analysis of our goals and plan.  As is always the case, please contact me anytime should you have any questions or thoughts about this topic or anything we do as a school district in Hesston.


Ben Proctor