Continuous Learning Plan Graphic

Although our buildings are closed for the spring, we are going to give our very best effort to embrace a new approach to teaching and learning in Hesston Schools. We will stay connected to our students while working to create authentic learning experiences that focus on essential competencies for each grade level and content area. Our District Continuous Learning Plan will develop over time and will emphasize interaction, creativity, service, and family involvement. It will not be perfect, but we will make the most of the challenge put before us. 

On Monday, April 6, the Board of Education will discuss an overview of our District Continuous Learning Plan and look at how the plan is progressing in the earliest stages.  We will analyze our Continuous Learning Principles and make sure our approach to teaching and learning this spring are appropriate for these unprecedented times.  

You can see an overview of our plan by clicking here, and you can view our CLP principles below.

  • We will emphasize relationships, connections, and support for ALL kids.
  • We will focus on what is essential for kids to learn and “do less really well.”
  • We will extend grace to all and remain flexible throughout the spring.
  • We will use materials, resources, and platforms familiar to teachers and students.
  • We will establish a framework of expectations and accountability for students.
  • We will take a team approach to our work.

As always, if you need anything at all, please contact Ben Proctor at or call the central office at 620-327-4931.